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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ASP.Net Folders

Friend z… Hello again.

In the previous post we have seen what Data Binding is and what classes we use to make use of this wonderful concept “Data Binding”.

We discussed about the namespaces Collections and Collections.Generic briefly. Now we’ll go in depth of this concept.

Before going to that we need to know about the ASP.Net folders.

Generally we maintain folders in our project to manage or organize it easily like for example maintaining a folder called “Images” for all the images in our project makes us easy to work with images. We can create our own folders for different types of resources.

Apart from our own folders we can use ASP.Net pre-defined folders which are for particular purposes. It is always recommended to use these folders as they provide good security, deployment, accessibility etc,. 

I’m listing these pre-defined folders here: 

To add an ASP.Net folder to your project
Go to “solution explorer” --> right click on our project --> select “Add ASP.Net Folder” -->  choose your desired folder.

Let’s look at some of these briefly which are going to use now.

APP_Code: It is one of the ASP.Net folder which is provided for writing all code related content. When we distribute the application, this folder content is automatically converted into .Net library assembly i.e., “.dll”

APP_Data: It is another commonly used folder which is provided to store data related content like Database, XML, Text files etc.,

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