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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Navigation related Controls

Hi friendz, hello again..

In the previous post we have seen different methods and some controls for navigating from one page to another page. Now I’m going to share some Rich controls which are also used for good navigation and they are also called as ASP.Net navigation controls.

I’ll list some of these controls now.

  • ·       Menu
  • ·       SiteMapPath
  • ·       TreeView
Note: we can find these controls under the “Navigation” tab of toolbox.

They are also like List Controls which maintain a collection for their navigation items.
·       They can be used with properties at design time.
·       They can be used more effectively using “DataBinding” concept.
Case 1: To use these controls with design time options :
          Place the control and using “smart tag” or “properties” window provide input (static) for the control.
          To see the smart tag, select the control then we can see a small right arrow at the top right of the control which is nothing but small tag.

Fig: Menu Control with “smart tag”

          To see properties window select the control and either press F4 function key or goto view menu and select Properties window.

          Additionally “auto format” option and many other properties to customize the appearance are also provided. We can use them to present well designed output without any knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, AJAX etc., 

          Here I mentioned HTML, Java Script, Ajax because all these are already done and provided as these rich controls to us. It takes lot of time to prepare this rich control manually. We just need to do is to drag and drop the control and utilize the maximum functionality provided by these controls.

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