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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

IIS Web Server


IIS stands for "Internet Information Services".

First we must know the Server OS whether it is a server model OS like Windows Server 2003 or 2008 or Desktop OS like Windows XP,Vista which can also be used for individual practice before installing Web Server.

To know the Windows OS version
Open "Run" --> type "winver" 

How to find IIS is running or not?

To find IIS is running or not, start Browser and type 

                            http://systemname  //which means that the local host is current system

If we get a response displaying a message or page about IIS then web server is running otherwise we must install or check other options for making IIS run.

How to install IIS?

 To install IIS 
goto Control Panel --> Add/Remove Programs --> Turn windows features/components on/off --> Add/Remove windows components.

Check IIS and click on OK button.

IIS cannot be installed in
    Windows XP Home
    Windows Vista Home Basic
    Windows 7 Home Basic

Now once web server ready we have to create web site using webserver console/screen.

Goto Control Panel --> Administration tools --> IIS manager

IIS Manager :  It is program of web server to create/manage websites.

In the IIS Manager goto "default web site" and select "Add Virtual Directory", this action will display a window prompting for website virtual/alias name and Real/physical name .

Every website is created with virtual name, which is accessible to all clients and with real name, which is accessible to developers.

Provide these names and observe that a web application is created in it.

fig: IIS

Once a website is created or available, we have to build our programs and save them in website content directory i.e., physical directory.

To write a simple program, we can use notepad and some HTML code.

So, start Notepad and write code of HTML and save it with an extension ".htm" or ".html".

http://localhost (or) --> IP address (or) www


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