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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some standard and Rich controls

In the previous post, we have worked with generic collections and Data Binding

Now we are ready to move forward i.e., to validations.
Before going to that we’ll see some more standard and rich controls.

In this post, we are going to see 3 rich controls:
  •     MultiView
  • ·       View
  • ·       Panel

Let’s see one by one.

          It is also a rich control of ASP.Net and we can use it to display multiple views in a page, normally when we have lot of content in a page then we divide it into multiple pages which is not preferred method today. We can use MultiView control and display multiple pages data into multiple views of this control.

          A MultiView is a collection of views and every view is represented with another control called view.

          We cannot use View control or MultiView control alone i.e., we should use these two controls together.

In order to display different pages in different views of MultiView, first take MultiView and then inside it take as many number of Views as we want(to some limit otherwise performance degrades) and then design each page in each view.

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