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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Resources for web applications

when we want to consume any file with in our web application then it should be added to our project directly because web application resources should be within our application or in a public URL.

for example to display an image we have HTML tag as following:

<img src = "filename"....> 
this filename is a resource and it should be as part of our project (not in other folders of system).

In VS, we can add an external item to our project using "Add Existing Item", using from solution explorer. We can also copy the item from any windows location and paste it directly in solution explorer.

Note: It is always important to divide the content into different folders and maintain a project with good Directory structure, like storing images in images folder and so on. Visual Studio .Net provides a drag and drop option even for resources and according to the resource it will generate the required Markup.


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