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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Working with ASP.Net

ASP.Net provides Server side controls and forms for developing web application content. In addition to this, It has .net libraries to provide all functional tasks. We need not use HTML forms and HTML controls as they provide limited scope for developing RICH Web pages. Any how, based on requirement we can also use HTML content.

Reasons for using ASP.Net controls:

  • Simplified working:
          All ASP.Net controls are simple to use because of their properties, methods and events. They provide lot of functionality when compared to HTML.

  • Exclusive set of controls (or) RICH controls:
         Apart from HTML equivalent controls, has its own controls which are developed using HTML, Javascript as well as with new concepts like AJAX.

  • Smart Rendering:
          The process of converting ASP.Net controls or Content into browser understandable format is called Rendering. Because it performs rendering, according to client it is a feature of ASP.Net. They are also called as Intelligent Controls.

  • Rapid Application Development:
          Many RICH controls of provide RAD style of development using Smart Tag options and with wizards.

Visual Studio Procedure for developing ASP.Net Web Forms and Controls:

  • Start Visual Studio --> Goto File --> select "New Website" --> Select "Empty Website" with other options.
  • Goto "Solution Explorer" window --> Right click on project --> select "Add New Item" --> select "Web Forms" template.
        Result: A new file with extension ".aspx" is added to our project. looks similar like HTML but with additional code to say that they are ASP.Net/Server side like 
                                 runat = "server"

  • Goto "Design View" and place HTML controls and ASP.Net controls and find the differences in code view and also in properties.
  • Execute the form using "Start Debugging" button and view source of browser to understand what rendering is performed by ASP.Net.


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