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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Server Side programming

         Server side programming means ASP.Net programming only.

What is Server side programming?

          In Web applications, programs that are executed at server side are called server side scripts. These programs are completely executed using server resources. So, we can perform all operations required for web applications at server side.

In Microsoft's Environment we have:

  • ASP
  • ASP.Net
    • Both these can be used for server side programming.
    • ASP is old development approach, which is COM based.
    • ASP.Net is new development approach, which is .Net based.
When we install .Net in server, apart from BCL and CLR many utilities are also installed among which ASPX Engine and updated ASP Engine is also installed.

  • ASPX Engine - For managing all ASP.Net Programs
  • Updated ASP Engine - For running classical ASP Programs.
This means, when we are developing applications using .net, we can also run ASP Programs.

Can a project contain ASP and ASP.Net programs?

Yes, because .Net contains both ASPX and updated ASP Engines.

Can ASP & ASP.Net interact with each other for their programs/values?

No, We can't interact directly ASP & ASP.Net programs

Reason: Run times are different i.e., ASP is executed using COM runtime and ASP.Net is executed using CLR.

Indirect Interaction is possible with wrapper (RCW, CCW), Which is the concept called Interoperability**.

using TLBIMP (Utility) tool, we can create wrapper program.

Note : VS.Net provides only ASP.Net programs to be created. If we want to build ASP programs then we have to use notepad or some other ASP compatible IDE. Actually ASP has no IDE of its own.

How Server recognizes that the program is Server Side?

based on extension, for ASP programs we use ".asp" as the extension and for ASP.Net we use ".aspx", where x denotes XML standards and style of working.


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