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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Panel Control

It is equivalent to HTML <div> tag. It is a container, where we can place other controls inside it.

It will be helpful for grouping the content as well as scrolling functionality inside the form.

 How to use panel?

Place the control on the form, goto source view and type all the content required inside panel tags. Content can be simple text or other controls also.
Provide height, width properties for a panel and then enable scroll bars using “ScrollBars” property, which is an enumerated property with values vertical, horizontal, Both, Auto.

On rendering, panel will be converted to HTML <div> tag.

Try yourself the following example:

“Design a form with 4 “LinkButtons” saying Personal, Experience, Academics and Preview. When user clicks personal, form should provide inputs for entering personal details, experience- It should take experience details and similarly academic details. When user click on Preview then we must display all entered details as one Resume”.

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