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Friday, January 28, 2011

C# Data Types

  • Integer Types

Note: byte, ushort, uint, ulong can store only unsigned integer values. where as short, int, long, sbyte can store signed values.

  • Float or Decimal Types

  • Boolean Type

  • Character Types

  • Root Type

The size of char type has been increased to 2 bytes providing a support for unicode characters i.e., Multi Language usage support other than english. where the numeric representation of other language character is known as unicode value that requires 2 bytes memory for settle.

String type doesn't have any fixed size because it was a variable length type.

The object type is capable of storing any type of value init and it was also a variable length type.

Syntax for variable declaration:


  • int x;
  • string str = "hello";
  • double d1, d2, d3;
  • public bool flag = true;
  • public const float pi = 3.14f; //without "f" it will be treated as decimal and assigning value to const var is mandatory.
  • public readonly int y = 300;


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