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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Visual Studio .Net

It is a package/software, which is used as an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to develop a .Net application of any type. To develop a .Net application either we can use simple editors like Notepad and complete our task but .Net libraries and runtime provides lot of functionality in the form of libraries and execution. It became difficult to work with simple editors.

Microsoft provides Visual Studio.Net and Expression as two official IDE's for .Net

One of the main advantage to work with .Net is IDE

  • We can Simplify our tasks
  • Faster development
  • Get language/.Net Support/help
  • Perform effective error handling and debugging
  • Perform testing related to application
  • Perform DB operations from application environment
  • Provide good deployment options and many more...

Versions of Visual Studio .Net:

        2002  ------------ [framework 1.0]
        2003  ------------ [framework 1.1]
        2005  ------------ [framework 2.0]
        2008  ------------ [framework 3.5]
        2010  ------------ [framework 4.0]


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