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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Framework Architecture

fig: Framework Architecture

1. Common Language Runtime (CLR) :

CLR is the core component in the framework which is responsible in conversion of IL code into Machine code according to the operating system.

2. Base Class Libraries (BCL) :

Base class libraries are the set of libraries that are given common for all the .Net languages.

3. ADO.Net :

ADO.Net is a technology which is used for communication with databases from .net applications.

4.ASP.Net :

ASP.Net is a technology which is used in the development of web-applications.

5. WIN Forms :

WIN Forms is the technology used in development of Graphical User Interfaces.

6. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) :

WPF is also same as WIN Forms i.e., used in the development of GUI Applications with support for graphics, animations, 2D, 3D images which are not available in WIN Forms.

7. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) :

WCF is used in the development of distributed applications.

8. Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) :

9. Language Integrated Query (LINQ) :

LINQ is also used for communication with databases similar to ADO.Net where as LINQ provides Rapid Application Development (RAD).

10. ADO.Net Entity Framework :

ADO.Net Entity Framework is an extension for ADO.Net which can also be used for database communication.  


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