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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Introduction to ASP.Net


ASP stands for Active Server Pages. It is used for developing web applications i.e., Websites. It is not a Language or Package. It is set of Libraries/Objects which help to develop web and its related applications.
ASP.Net is part of .Net.

Web Application:

"An application which is designed and developed using open standards and which is accessible to all types of  users irrespective of their platform (software & hardware)" is called web application.

Web applications are implemented with an architecture which makes them universally accessible.

Now we'll see one by one in detail..

Server OS: To install any server we must have OS also as server model OS.

         Ex: Windows Server 2003 (or) 2008
                     Server Model OS

For individual practice or for a single user development we can also have client model OS like Windows XP, Vista etc., 

Web Server: It is a software which runs as a service under Operating system and which is responsible to take request and respond to them in the form of HTTP.
Every Web Server contains one or more web applications, which users has to create after installing web server. It is compulsory that a website should run under web servers.  All sites like Google, Hotmail, Yahoo etc., runs under web server software only.

HTTP: HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, which are open standard rules defined by W3C Organization (World Wide Web Community) for providing communication between web applications.

Client/Browser:  It is a software which is responsible to make request in the form of HTTP. A client can be any other program also which has the ability to generate request in the form of HTTP.


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