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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting Started With HTML

Understanding World Wide Web

Today information can be conveyed across vast distance with in second. Let us look at how this is possible. With the goal of sharing information throughout the world, Center European Research Nuclear, a center for high-energy physics in Geneva, Switzerland, devised a technology known as World Wide Web.

The World Wide Web is a vast amorphous blob of text, images, audio and video scattered across networks and computers worldwide. It is shortly referred to as “Web” or “W3”. Technically speaking, it is a software invention, which aids users to explore the Internet facility. World Wide Web is a part of the Internet comprising of Web pages and Web sites.

World Wide Web is helpful in different ways to different users be it advertising, information about current events or entertainment. It is both humorous and informative. Institutions, Government Agencies, Business Organizations access Web to barter information with millions of users by creating their own Web pages. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is significant here, as it is a simple language to design and develop web pages.

Web Page

Web is a collection of Files known as web pages. These web pages can contain hyperlinks to link other web pages. A hyperlink can be any text or image which when clicked would display another web page. There may be one or more pages in the home page, which is the initial web page present in a web site.

Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

Uniform Resource Locator is the primary naming scheme which is used to identify Web resources that can either be HTML document or other services present in the Web. These Web resources are identified with special names called Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI). The URL is the standard method used to identify any resource, for example – documents, graphics, Gopher menu and Usenet article any ware on the Internet. URLs consist of service, Hostname and directory path Its components are

Service :// hostname: port / directory - path

Component       Description

HTTP                          The service is defined as HTTP, through which Web documents are transferred across the Internet.

WWW                         Is the name of the web server.               Indicates the domain name for the web server where the web page resides.

Index.html                 Specifies the file name.


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