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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Creating website content using VS.Net [HTML,JS & ASP.Net]

Once we create an empty website, we'll get a new project in VS.Net. Entire project can be seen using one important window called "Solution Explorer". IDE means collection of different windows which help user in developing programs. All these windows are available in "View" menu of Visual Studio .Net.

To create an HTML page, we have to goto solution explorer and right click on project and select Add new item option. This action will display list of available templates that we can add to our project.
To begin, select HTML page, provide a name and add it to the project. By default this page will contect automatically, which is commonly required for every page.

All pages we create are displayed in 3 different views:

  • Design View: This view provides WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) view of form. With the help of this view designer, we can design our web page using drag and drop method.
  • Source View: This view displays the html and other markup code that we create for creating a page. It is recommended to work with source view more. So that results are more accurate. This view also supports drag and drop and snippets way of creating context.
  • Split View: Using this view, we can see both design and source view at a time. Also we can work with any view and observe that results are synchronize with other view.

How to run a page from VS .Net?

Once page is designed, we can check it in browser using "start debugging" button provided in toolbar. This button will start the browser and automatically type the URL for us and get the result from server.

Note: If we want to change default browser and temporarily browse with an another browser then we can use

          File --> Browse with.. --> select the required browser.


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