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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Programming Web Applications

Writing programs for web requires some fixed languages and some predefined languages. We cannot use any programming language that we use to develop on our choice because browser is the most commonly used client and it understands HTML for presentation of data and Java Script code for performing some programming tasks. Both these languages are called client side languages as they are executed in the client.
User preferred language can be used at server side, which means the program executed at server. Finally to develop a page we use HTML, Java Script and ASP.Net to build an application.

HTML alone can develop non interactive/static pages. Today we need lot of dynamic pages so we use Java Script along with HTML to make them as dynamic pages.

Once the client side tasks are completed using HTML and Java Script, then client sends values to server and invokes a server side program which does the remaining job.

*Remember all programs code will be stored at server only.

In the web, client side means always which managed in client and which is retrieved from server.

Example: An example of how web application flow will be with a Gmail login page.

Step 1: Client opens the browser and types the URL>

Step 2: Server takes the request and responds with HTML & Java script required for output and code execution in client. Gmail display login page with username, password, sign in etc., with HTML code. Retrieved script will be in memory.

Step 3: User enters valid or invalid data and attempts to submit the page to server. Now client side code will be executed to check for valid data and also for other applications. if invalid inputs are found then error will be displayed to client, otherwise the form or data or values will be submitted/send to server.

Step 4: Server will take the values and run the code at server to compute the remaining process like in case of gmail displaying the inbox page of user. It might also display errors saying the given username is not registered with database.

Web applications are developed with similar languages and also with their own server side programming languages. In .Net client side programming will be done with HTML/Java Script like others and server side programming will be done with ASP.Net or C#.Net.


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